Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leprechan and Faries

We take Halloween seriously at my house. Not that we are into scarey stuff, because I really don't even like horror films, I just like having once a year that I can make pure fantasy come to life.
We begin discussing costumes in the spring, my plans for this year a positively wicked, and I can't wait to have them done... but this post is to brag about the past.
DDs wanted to be ballerina fairy princesses, which in translation means "Go crazy with pink, and make sure I have a tutu, wings, and a crown." I'm not hot on pink, but I let them pick, they will come around to my pov on pink someday, I'm sure.
DS wanted to be something just as magical, so we discussed Leprechans and he agreed that a mischvious little person was a perfect fit for him. I wonder why? lol

So I started with my concept drawings.
Halloween Concept drawings

Then on Halloween we were a complete sucess!

Hey my wing is crooked

My little Leprechan

Two Ballerina Fairy Princesses

They knew I would have good tricks, so they gave me treats

All I said was ti-ti-tree and they gave me CANDY!

It itches Mom, can we change now?


Bethany said...

WOW! beautiful job!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Those costumes are amamzing!!!!!

Thora said...

So, I'm a random person, but I had to comment. I was looking up the name Thora on images, because that's my name, (I never found myself), but I found you, and I thought, hey, someone named Thora! So I went and looked at your blog, and then it was weird, because you are also Mormon and also on Mormon Mommy Blogs. What a very small, small world.

So I just have to say that I love your name, and I love your hair too, because I always wanted to have red hair, but I don't. (Also I really liked your last post on your other blog about the LDS church and minorities).