Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I hesitate to even post this here, because really, I did very little to these costumes.

This year money is tight, and so we hit the thift store a few weeks back and figured stuff out from there.

Talitha wanted to be a Werewolf, Jordan wanted to be a Vampire (and they fight like them too...) and James had this crazy idea to tape balloons all over him, which we decided makes him the national debt.

Jordan also begged me to wear a costume to match hers. I thought at first that would be impossible, but then she found the red corset at the thrift store. I just happen to have something just like that. The only thing I had to make for her was the black dress for under the corset. The cape was at the store too.

James' costume was so easy... but my lips feel all weird now and I'm wondering if I might have a latex allergy like my sister. I shall have to see if this develops into anything...

The national debt 2012
Talitha's costume was the most complicated and meant I had to kill a teddybear. I needed the fur, and that was the cheapest way to do it. So... the head is around her face, the arms are around her hands, the legs and feet are on her feet and the body was cut up and made into the tail.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I've been up to

It seems like every time I open my inbox (not every day, but as often as I can) I've got another email from Pintrest saying "Gorgeous Momma (that fits just about all of my friends, don't you think?) is now following all of your boards on Pintrest!"

I smile and sigh at the same time.

I smile because it's like a little note saying "Your life is so crazy and I never hear from you but I love you!" from each dear friend. It makes me feel so loved.

I sigh because I haven't pinned anything in months... well pinned online, lol. I have pricked myself a few times lately. Every project needs a tiny blood sacrifice, right? Even if you never mean to, lol.

So, here is my hurried attempt to catch you up on my crafty, devious, little projects.

Halloween, my vampire and mermaid turned out lovely and I bought a costume for my son because it was cheaper to buy the cartoon character set than make one. (Gasp, I know! Frightening that I've been reduced to BUYING a costume! What has become of me?)
Mermaid 2011

Sorry the pics aren't great but I was down with the flu that week.
Umm... okay then my life was stressful and busy and I was bemoaning to my dear friend and guardian angel Kelley that I had no snowy white owl for my daughter's eleventh birthday back in November and that it still killed me to have not gotten one for her like we planned. So what does my angel do? She went home and she knitted and felted wool for me so I would have fabric to make an owl for my baby girl. Yeah, Kelley is wonderful.

So she gave me the pattern she had downloaded from and the felted wool. I cut out the pieces... and of course added to it, because I am me after all. I put a second layer for accent on the wings and extended the back panel to make a tail, and did an accent on the tail, and added feet (feet! So cute!)

So, this is how it turned out:

And this is my baby, in her Burger king crown, and she made a crown for the owl out of her water cup lid. The owl is well traveled now, it goes with her all over the place.
Now I just need to learn how to clean wool... hmmm.

This past week was Chinese New Year, Year of the DRAGON! Yay! So at work we celebrated all week with the kidlettes. I made a dragon to dance under. No pics of the plastic tablecloths I put on the back to hide the line of kids, but this is the head.

So much less scary than Perry, lol.

This is the eye detail I added after I took the other pictures.

I also borrowed another idea (that Kelley found for me) and went a little crazy with it. The itty bitties and I made a big cityscape with strips from a Chinese Newspaper and finger paints. It was a little crazy doing it with preschoolers, but it was fun and so worth begging the nice man at Chinese Kitchen for his newspaper.
Chinese New Year cityscape

The dots are little lanterns, btw, sorry so small, but it was a big project!