Sunday, April 18, 2010

Solar system project

As if one project this month wasn't enough,
Tali had this due this week.
I think she did a really good job making the balls, making craters, painting inside the lines, and sticking pins everywhere. Naturally the others were very upset that she got to mess with
Mommy's sacred craft supplies.
She had to label so many things, but we were out of foil for the center of the balls, so we had to go small.
P1010878.jpg picture by teljchall

P1010884.jpg picture by teljchall

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kindergarten Science Project

My daughter's options were:
Clay Animal
She needed to include information on habitat, viviparous or oviparous, diet, and predators.
Based on the nature of the instructions and my daughter's reading level I quickly deducted this was a kid helps mom kind of project.
So, she TRIED to help cut it out. Do you know how hard sewing scissors on felt or vinyl are for a 5 year old. Yeah... tried.
However, she wore it like a chimp... er champ and has been climbing around like a monkey all day.
I seem to have failed to impress upon her the difference between monkeys and gorillas. Hopefully the zoo trip will rectify that.
P1010877.jpg picture by teljchall
Supplies: vinyl, paint pens, felt, sticky back felt, black mask from wal-mart, scissors, contact cement, paper, and one completely adorable little girl who lights up the lives of all who know her.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Word Tiles

I'd say this was small and simple...
because they are small, and it was rather simple,
but it just looks too cool!
We got a magnetic whiteboard today to keep track of chores,
behavior, and bribes for the kids.
Yup, instituting allowance, bad Thora.
Naturally I cannot just write on the board.
How un-Thora would that be?
No, I have to make magnets to match the decor.
The room is based around my Blue Willow china, the ones we never use. Thus I have hand painted 36 little tiles with the Chinese characters representing important words. I took the meaning of each of our names and mixed them in with things like love, peace, happiness, son, daughter, etc, etc, and so forth. I think they look grand, and when they dry I shall spray them with high gloss spray and put them on the whiteboard.

P1010868.jpg picture by teljchall

Now I just need to get the whiteboard ready so I can beg Bobbi for vinyl cut outs of the kids names, etc.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dragon Mobile

The concept for this popped in my head the other day, and after dinner I decided to make it. 5 hours later she's all done.
Some of you may recognize her. If not, well I need to fix my text the text then, don't I? Shhhh.
I tried taking closer pictures to show the tiny detail, but the simple fact is I am better with kitchen scissors and a dremel than a camera.
P1010847.jpg Dragon mobile picture by teljchall