Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Wizard and Princess 2009

This year for Halloween Jay wanted to be a Wizard, thank goodness. Jordi wanted to be a princess. Between their choices and Tali's I think I may just have to go as an Author to round out the grouping. Get it? lol

My kids have fun taste in fabric. It has made this process so much fun.
These are the concept drawings, though I have diverged greatly from this, as is my right as the artist (and the kids keep changing thier minds):
Concept drawing 09
I love to use objects already on hand as patterns, hooded sweaters, t-shirts that fit just right, and my mother's old patterns from when I was a kid.

A word about my mother. My mom can do anything, and does do whatever she sets her mind to, no wonder I turned out the way I did. Sometime after USA Today ran an article on her and before she got her Doctorate level degree, she passed down her sewing patterns to me. I think I was the only daughter with kids at the time. Having watched in awe as she created incredible things all my life I was happy to have them. It was like she was passing on much more though, like it was my turn to be super-woman. I have never doubted that she knew I could do it, though at times she has raised an eyebrow at my methods, my mother has always believed that I could do anything I set my mind to. I only have to apply the thought, hard work, and love that she put into all her creations. I can only hope that the intangible legacy of creativity and tenacity that she left me is one I will leave my children. My mother doesn't expect me to follow her footsteps, I can make my own path, but she will tell you she expects me to surpass her someday. Nawh... we'll just be equals, sisters, like we always have been. (I love you Mom.)

Okay, back on track.
I used a combination of things as patterns for the cosutmes, sweatshirt hoods, t-shirts, patterns, and self drawn patterns. For Jordi's dress I extended and flared a t-shirt. Then the over layer is a big rectangle that I gathered, over-sleeves are gathered rectangles too. Jay's tunic is a large t-shirt extended, the cloak is a different take on the same pattern.

P1010554.jpg picture by teljchallP1010555.jpg picture by teljchallP1010556.jpg picture by teljchallP1010557.jpg picture by teljchall

P1010565.jpg picture by teljchallP1010566.jpg picture by teljchall

The over sleeve was machine gathered on the edge seam, so that it would lay right under her arm. You just do a long stitch, then gently scoot it down one of the threads.

P1010562.jpg picture by teljchall

Then with the skirt I attached it at the hem and waist, it hung down quite a bit, which was the plan. I pinned it up so that the hem was where I wanted it, then put in a few pins where I would stitch. Then I did a second round of the lifting and stitching so that I ended up with a fluffy skirt that has kind of bunched layers.

Skirt.jpg picture by teljchall

I did quite a bit of Applique on Jay's costume. If you have never done applique, this is what I picked up watching my mom. You pin well then sew a line right along where you want the edge. Trim very close to the stitching, then do a tight zig-zag over the top.
CopyofApplique.jpg picture by teljchall

I think they turned out rather well.
P1010575.jpg picture by teljchall
P1010585.jpg picture by teljchall
(The Runes on the cloak read Magic Gift, Magic Wisdom, Magic Health, Magic Enlightenment, Protection, Victory, Joy)
P1010586.jpg picture by teljchall
P1010563.jpg picture by teljchall

For Jordi's crown I used a button, a few beads, and wire. I put the button in the middle of the wire and started twisting. It was a lot of fun. It's amazing what a girl can do with a few tools and a lot of love.

P1010581.jpg picture by teljchall
The finished product on the models:
P1010632.jpg picture by teljchall
P1010636.jpg picture by teljchall
P1010637.jpg picture by teljchall