Monday, April 5, 2010

Word Tiles

I'd say this was small and simple...
because they are small, and it was rather simple,
but it just looks too cool!
We got a magnetic whiteboard today to keep track of chores,
behavior, and bribes for the kids.
Yup, instituting allowance, bad Thora.
Naturally I cannot just write on the board.
How un-Thora would that be?
No, I have to make magnets to match the decor.
The room is based around my Blue Willow china, the ones we never use. Thus I have hand painted 36 little tiles with the Chinese characters representing important words. I took the meaning of each of our names and mixed them in with things like love, peace, happiness, son, daughter, etc, etc, and so forth. I think they look grand, and when they dry I shall spray them with high gloss spray and put them on the whiteboard.

P1010868.jpg picture by teljchall

Now I just need to get the whiteboard ready so I can beg Bobbi for vinyl cut outs of the kids names, etc.


Kristina said...

I love "thunder," it looks like a little old angry chinese man. They are all beautiful -- I love that you did this!

Thora said...

I love "thunder" too, but then I am partial to my name, lol.
I loved how in doing it I saw where similar lines appear in things, like in soul and study, friend and love. I wish I had time to study the language.

Thora said...

My son just said, "I want the angry one in my line." I said, "There isn't one for angry." He said, "Yes there is," and points to thunder, lol.

Bobbi said...

Any time Sis!