Friday, April 2, 2010

Dragon Mobile

The concept for this popped in my head the other day, and after dinner I decided to make it. 5 hours later she's all done.
Some of you may recognize her. If not, well I need to fix my text the text then, don't I? Shhhh.
I tried taking closer pictures to show the tiny detail, but the simple fact is I am better with kitchen scissors and a dremel than a camera.
P1010847.jpg Dragon mobile picture by teljchall


JerieH said...

Ok, I am feeing so not creative at the monent.... Out done by you again!

Thora said...

That's okay, I just put together a bunch of squares on a machine and NONE of the corners matched up right.
It's quickly becoming a UFO, simply because I lack any real interest in finishing it. That's what I get for deciding just to make something because I had the fabric and not getting excited by a vision first.