Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I hesitate to even post this here, because really, I did very little to these costumes.

This year money is tight, and so we hit the thift store a few weeks back and figured stuff out from there.

Talitha wanted to be a Werewolf, Jordan wanted to be a Vampire (and they fight like them too...) and James had this crazy idea to tape balloons all over him, which we decided makes him the national debt.

Jordan also begged me to wear a costume to match hers. I thought at first that would be impossible, but then she found the red corset at the thrift store. I just happen to have something just like that. The only thing I had to make for her was the black dress for under the corset. The cape was at the store too.

James' costume was so easy... but my lips feel all weird now and I'm wondering if I might have a latex allergy like my sister. I shall have to see if this develops into anything...

The national debt 2012
Talitha's costume was the most complicated and meant I had to kill a teddybear. I needed the fur, and that was the cheapest way to do it. So... the head is around her face, the arms are around her hands, the legs and feet are on her feet and the body was cut up and made into the tail.

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