Sunday, May 12, 2013


A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave a lesson in church. Her lesson was about asking the Lord to help us identify and resolve the things in ourselves that were holding us back. She described how she had gone to God in prayer and asked what was amiss in her soul. In response an image came to her mind. It was of a bright beautiful light. That light was joy. In this light was a black dot. This black dot kept her from fully experiencing the brightness of joy available to her. She said there were other black dots, but she knew that for now this was the one she needed to get rid of.
She shared what that black dot was, and it was something so small. Yet, it still got in the way. She was able to get rid of it, and now experiences a fuller joy because it is gone.

It was such a powerful image, and I wanted to keep it always, so I decided to paint it. I've not really done a lot of painting, and this is a departure from even that, but here it is, and I love it.

Those who love me will likely argue that I put too many dots on this painting of my joy. To be honest I am so prideful and think so highly of myself, that are times I would agree. But when I am honest, each of these dots is really there. I'm working on them, though.

Lately I've just been focused on the light. I have so much of it in my life and I'm so overwhelmingly astounded by it. I suppose that means that I am doing pretty well and have a good attitude and all. All I really know is that I am thankful for it, for who could deserve such joy?

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