Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My back saving bag.

P1000537.jpg picture by teljchall

I have a bad back, for several reasons I won't bore you with, but it has been a cause of much invention in the past, and has recently contributed to the most remarkable little bag.
You see, we are headed to a rather famous, rather expensive, rather large theme park with the kiddos this summer. The thought of lugging around all the necessary items while pushing "Little Miss I'm The Baby of the Family" around in a stroller was not a pleasant thought. I am not one of those huge stroller fans either. I had a huge double stroller back in the day, and hated it. You can't steer it, you can barely push it, and good luck going into a store with it! My stroller of choice is the cheap umbrella stroller, it folds up super small to fit in almost any space, is light, and only fits one kid so I only have to push ONE KID.

The trouble is, they don't hold anything. You can get a mesh bag for the back, which rips, spills, lets bottles tip over... yeah what a pain. The mesh bags are also as open to rain as they are to seeing. It was obvious to me I needed something better.

So I designed and made this bag. There are 5 special pockets on the outside for water bottles, three similar pockets inside for sunscreen (I am a red-head you know.) Other things provisioned for are sunglasses, lip sunscreen or balm, papers, ponchos, wipes, changes of bottoms for the little ones, and a purse sized first aid kit. They outside is vinyl, for those sudden southern showers, and the inside is a sturdy fabric to preclude ripping at the seams. It's pretty cute too, don't you think?

P1000538.jpg picture by teljchall P1000541.jpg picture by teljchall P1000537.jpg picture by teljchall

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Catherine Yvonne said...

That is an awesome bag! I'm so impressed at people who are as creative as you with your kids' costumes and now this bag! I came to your blog because of your baby center profile - I lurk there more than I write or comment. Anyway, again way cute bag and you could probably market that!

hthrncl said...

i'm in love!

Kaylene said...

That's pretty cool! It's like the total backpack, just not as bulky or needing to be on your back, but I have to say, I'll push my giant double any day over an umbrella... How can you lean over to push an umbrella for more than a few moments? Plus, I still have a cranky 3 year old who wtill likes to run no matter how loud I scream after him or how fast I run, and sometimes the best way to get him out of some place he's tryign to tear apart is in the giant contraption... Oh boy, I can't wait till he settles down, my Baby will be such an easy toddler after him, LOL!

JerieH said...

If you were wondering what I would like for Christmas....

Kaylene said...

Jerie! Glad to see you! Hey, can I have an invite to your blog? :)