Sunday, July 27, 2008

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Can I just say that fake, carve-able pumpkins are the best invention of the last few years? Seriously, no more getting all glum that Halloween is over and my masterpiece is moldy and has to be thrown away!

I wasn't sure how well the fake pumpkins would work, I like to have translucent areas on my pumpkins where the pulp remains and the skin is removed. So I did a test pumpkin. This is how it turned out.

Craft Pumpkin Contest Submission

To say I was encouraged by my success is an understatement, I sat and stared at it for an hour, lol.

So the next chance I got, I took out my dremel and made my traditional tribute to Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater on a tall pumpkin, this time for keeps!



I spent hours on it, hours. The grass, the pattern in his sweater, the flowers, the folds in the curtains, her pregnant belly, and the kitty in the window, they were all worth it, because I get to take it out year after year!

Note: If you are even thinking about doing this you MUST have swimming goggles, a face mask for breathing, ear plugs, and an easy to clean room. The Styrofoam dust is painful in the eyes and lungs, and gets EVERYWHERE. The pumpkin SCREAMS the entire time you are carving it. Very Halloween appropriate, but hard on the ears. The sections that are cut out should be cut out with a drill bit in the dremel, then use the carving tools to do the shallow groves and patterns.

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