Friday, October 1, 2010

Bath remodel

I'll start off by saying I had help with this one. Joe and the handy man did the tub/shower, toilet, and sink install, plumbing, drywall, electrical, and helped lay the hardi-backer for the tile. I just did the demolition, clean up, remaining hardi-backer, painting, trim, tile, shelving, caulking, grouting, threshold laying, hardware hanging, and decor.

I'm going to show you this picture first, because in it you can see the inspiration piece. When I decorate I have to have one thing I use to tie the room together, something that puts in my mind what I want the room to be. I found the canvas print above the toilet at... ahem... Wally World. The gray scale nature scene called to me and I realised I could build a bathroom around it. Gray is the hot neutral these days.

P1020462.jpg picture by teljchall

I didn't know what I was going to do for cabinetry, until I went on vacation and saw this in our hotel bathroom. This is where you picture me with a wicked grin and a light bulb over my head.
IMG00048-20100813-2307.jpg picture by teljchall

I didn't HAVE to do cabinets. I could do cubes, squares, like tiles, and the picture! The rolled up towels would also mimic natural shapes!

To go with the print I also had printed a bunch of b&w photos of nature that I have taken. Naturally they are edited liberally and didn't look much like this when I took them, but I am quite happy with the results. I also covered a jar with gray seashells and purchased some brick-a-brac to throw in or paint and throw in.

So without further ado, this is my hall bathroom:

Oops, forgot the "before" pictures, I snapped these right before I got out the crowbar:

IMG00059-20100910-1016.jpg picture by teljchall


Fredricka said...

What a lovely finished product! I love the photos and the shapes of the towels :) .

AutismPsyD said...

My, oh my, what a difference! You didn't talk about the work you had to do on the floor (or am I remembering someone else's bathroom?). WOW. I love it! Ok, one thing's settled. You absolutely MUST come and decorate my clinic before I open it!

Gray is the hot neutral? Sorry, I can't wrap my head around that, it's too filled with conjured visions of electrical wires and trying to fix my rig...! (Is there such a thing as a hot neutral gray wire? LOL)

If Joe's smart, he will just be glad you're happy with it!

Don't know where you get your artistic eye (certainly not from ME!), but I'm impressed with how well it's developing. Kudos, Sisbridget.

Just one question: how do you keep the monillas from climbing up to the top?

Bobbi said...

I can't believe it is teh same bathroom! Wow!

Thora said...

Well we did have to replace some of the wood down to the floor, but that was a while ago, it's been sitting unfinished for ages. Land between here and the other houses I've replaced so much floor, laid so much tile, I'm practically an expert. But you know if you can read a tape measure and ice a cake you can lay tile.

And I've seen your drawings mom, you do to have an artistic eye. You just haven't had all the free hours to peruse decorating sites.

I shall keep the climbing in mind... Jerie is coming again soon. Thankfully they are secured to the studs and can't tip.