Tuesday, October 5, 2010

S&ST #8

Glitter ball = $3.75
Candle jar ring = $4.99
Crystal ball that is "magically" unbreakable= Priceless

P1020481.jpg Crystal ball picture by teljchall


AutismPsyD said...

Hmm. Must be my eyes...I can't seem to grasp its size. But it doesn't surprise me that you'd put two otherwise unrelated things together and come up with something like this (sparkles and all, just like your eyes)! Is this a foretelling of your end-of-the-month wardrobe?

(And did the word "foretell" come from combining "fortune" and "telling" or the other way around?)

Thora said...

I hadn't even thought of a gypsy costume... hmmm. I probably have all that just laying around.

I'm doing the truck's "trunk" as a witch's library for trunk or treat. Wrote a rhyme for it and every thing. This is just part of the things I have pulled together for the display.

But then... witches's library is not a far leap from my sitting room, lol.