Saturday, October 23, 2010

Face Painting

I love to do face painting, I really do, except for one thing, the monotony. Even when presented with a variety of options, kids tend to pick safe things, hearts, flowers, spiders, rainbows. You can only paint just so many hearts in a day.

So I developed a plan to show kids how cool other options can be. I made a big board with pictures of faces with a variety of options.


Then I dressed up in a medieval gown and painted my own face.

P1020614.jpg picture by teljchall

I painted faces for seven solid hours and only did about 10 hearts, 2 flowers, and 5 rainbows. I got to do old age make up twice. I probably did fourty different "Fairy masks" and nearly as many "Batman masks."

Spiders, however, will be a favorite no matter what the season, and there is no getting around that.


AutismPsyD said...

Nicely done, Sis! Did you do this for work or for some mega church activity? What did you paint on the grandkidlet faces? Any pix of them in it?

Thora said...

This was for a fund raiser called Smith Splash. Smith was a little boy who drowned in a nieghbor's pool. His parents started a memorial fund to raise money to support the 2nd grade learn to swim program the Y has had going for years.
Tali was there, but she had her face done by the other painter. The others were at MiL's. Tali swam 42 laps that morning to earn money for the fund, and I now owe 42 dollars, lol.
Costume pics on Thursday!

JerieH said...

Jacob got his face painted red and gold to look like Iron Man Saturday. He had to shower it off for the Primary program... and I am still hearing about it.

Maybe I can get some face paint at Wal-mart.

AutismPsyD said...

So when I looked at a closeup of the poster, it looked to me like you used Crystal as a reference for the girl's face. Did you draw these faces or did you find them?

As for Iron Man Jacob, that fits! Any pix forthcoming?

Thora said...

It does kind of look like Crystal doesn't it?
Well I half borrowed it so I can't really claim it. I found a facial diagram online then altered it to fit my needs when I traced it. I find taking a photo and tracing it saves me time, even if it is cheating. The side view one was a cute baby I traced a photo of and the boy is an alteration of the girl alteration.
Come to think of it "he" looks a lot like Crystal's little boy, lol.