Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small and Simple Things #5

Flower Hairpins
P1010834.jpg picture by teljchall
I've made these before as birthday party favors,
but someone asked about them so I thought I'd throw a post up about it.
The supplies are bobby pins, decorative brads, fake flowers,
and a pair of jeweler's or needle nose pliers.
P1010826.jpg picture by teljchall
Thread the flower onto the brad.
P1010830.jpg picture by teljchall
Curl the brad ends.
P1010831.jpg picture by teljchall
Slip on bobby pin.
P1010833.jpg picture by teljchall
Now, that qualifies as simple, right? lol.


AutismPsyD said...

Ooh! Can I use the idea for a RS activity? I think this would also be a great Achievement Days kind of activity, or a YW...can see lots of gals eagerly doing this. Maybe you ought to put together a book, sell it through Deseret Book?

Tina said...

Ooh, that is simple! Thanks. I think I'll be making some in the future.