Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asian inspired jewelry

My sister gave me a really wonderful bracelet for Christmas. I love it so much and was thrilled that she sent along the left over parts with it. So I thought, and thought, and then ordered some Song Dynasty copper coins off of eBay.

The coins arrived promptly, but I was wrapped up writing, so they sat for ages. I put it all together the other day.

Here's the necklace:


Here's an earring:


Here's the whole collection including the brilliant bracelet my sister made:


Thanks Sis!


JerieH said...

I knew you could do better than I could : ) Feel free to re-do the braclet too : )

Thora said...

Don't be silly, I love the bracelet. Do you have any idea how many people I went around and displayed it to while dancing in glee? No you don't, and I lost track there were so many.
I love you.