Thursday, August 1, 2013

James' Owl and Wand

"It's not every day a boy turns eleven."

Okay so I'm not sure of the exact quote, but I'm sure Hagrid said something like that.
James turned 11 while away on summer visitation. I was buried in homework and housework, so I just finished this and will give it to him Saturday when I pick him up.

I hand stitched it out of some faux fur I got at JoAnn's. I wanted it to be different from Tali's owl, and James likes really soft things. I got cat eyes at the store too, but do you think they sell beaks? No, of course not!

For the beak I hit the hardware store for the supplies. I fashioned a mold out of parchment paper, aluminum foil, and tape, then filled it with epoxy. Think JB Weld, but cheaper generic, mix and pour, don't get on anything. I set the head of a little cabinetry hardware screw in it and it sealed in as the epoxy dried. I used a BIG washer and a nut on the inside of the fabric to hold it on. Yes, the beak was half the cost. I probably could have sanded it down, but I kind of like it rough hewn like it is.

There are wings on the side and a tail in back. All three have the faux fur clipped in little curves to give the impression of feathers ending.
The wand is just a dowel that I attacked with my dremel. I carved runes in it. You may recall that James was a wizard one year for Halloween, and he had runes on his robe. Thank goodness for Google! I'm no Hermione.

James's owl Front View photo P1070374_zpsd39d5d9c.jpg
James' Owl Face photo P1070377_zpsa47a12df.jpg

James' Owl Side View photo P1070375_zps67776229.jpg

James' Wand photo P1070378_zps83cf1dea.jpg

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